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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (made with Coconut Oil)

Chocolate Chip  Cookie Pie (made with Coconut Oil)
I am pretty much head over heals for Coconut Oil at this point.  There is some controversy about how great it is and what it is actually capable of, but so far I give it an absolute A+ for topical and culinary purposes alike.  

It is a great moisturizer for your face (no more expensive chemical laden anti-aging face products needed!) and to moisturize the whole body, head to toe.   My skin has never felt so good!   The myriad websites discussing Coconut Oil tout the seemingly endless benefits of using it on things such as: stretchmarks, hair, acne/ psoriasis, as toothpaste, as deodorant, as aftershave, for shaving, and even to treat head lice in kids!

In addition is can be used in Baking as a substitute for Butter.  Yes, it imparts a slight Coconut flavor, but if you are a fan, totally check it out - YUM!  It can be used in Stir-Fries and to Saute Veggies, in place of other fats/ oils, in Sauces, in Oatmeal, and even on Toast!
In any case you wanna go for the Organic variety - I  picked up my 16oz. bottle of Organic Coconut Oil from good ol' Trader Joe's for $7 (after spending $20 on 1 oz of face cream, this is an outright steal!)  If you have dry skin, acne or any of a long list of other skin issues, you must try this stuff!  

If you Google "Coconut Oil" you will get an endless supply of websites listing all the things you can do with this amazing food, here are two to get you started:



Meantime, why not whip up a little Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie for you and yours to enjoy!  Check out my recipe below.

Chocolate Chip  Cookie Pie (made with Coconut Oil)

So I wanted to try out it out in place of Butter to make some yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies and just happened to have a box of Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (from Whole Foods).  I simply followed the box directions to the T, except for substituting Coconut Oil for the Butter in a 1-1 ratio - easy-peasy!  At some point while I was mixing it all together I decided that instead of making cookies that a Pie would be more fun, so I sprayed my glass pie plate with Canola Oil and poured the mixed cookie batter in and baked at 350 until it started to brown nicely.

I let it cool on a wire rack, popped it out onto a large cutting board, and we all dove in - YUM!  We all love it: me, my husband and my kids - total success!

Next up:  trying it in a Stir Fry!

**CAUTION: People with nut allergies (or really any allergies) should talk to their allergist first before using Coconut  topically or in food!