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Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza!



The below is an excerpt from “Changes that helped me drop pounds”.  To read more go to: Changes that helped me drop pounds

Pizza Night Changes

Friday night has been pizza night in our house for years.  I had no desire to eliminate pizza from my life – I love it!  So I had to figure out a way to make it healthier for me and my family.  We used to eat Frozen DiGiornos Cheese pizza nearly every Friday night.  It was affordable, easy, yummy and filling.  But I knew it was loaded with sodium, carbs and saturated fat, with little nutritive value.   So we switched to making homemade pizza, with store bought refrigerator pizza dough.  Then we made the switch to using whole wheat pizza dough (thanks Trader Joe’s!) 

Around the same time we started adding veggie toppers like onions, olives, garlic, mushrooms, arugula, avocado etc.  Once comfortable and used to the whole wheat dough/ crust, we then switched to a lower sodium tomato sauce.  After trying various sauces, we ultimately ended up using a ‘no salt added’ marinara sauce for our pizza (Thank you again Trader Joe’s!) which was actually delicious even though there was no added salt!   We now often use the part skim shredded mozzarella cheese instead of the full fat option, or other lower fat cheeses, like Feta or Goat Cheese or fresh Mozzarella.   And guess what?  It still tastes awesome!  It is still pizza after all.

We made these changes slowly enough that I think it would be a shock to our mouths and bodies to eat a DiGiornos at this point.   We love our new pizzas and we love feeling a little less guilty knowing that we have made some healthy changes to decrease sodium, calories, sugar and saturated fats, while increasing whole grains and nutrients in the meantime.  Nobody should have to live without pizza!!

To read more about how healthy changes helped me drop pounds, go to: Changes that helped me drop pounds

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