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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Antioxidant Lunch!


Antioxidants!  They are the good guys, found in plant based foods (think veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds....) that scour our insides and eliminate or neutralize the bad guys...aka "free radicals".  Free radicals are believed to play a role in various diseases as well as cancer, so eliminating them whenever possible is good good good!  Lucky for us the list of foods that offer these powerful antioxidants is a long long list of multi-colored, healthy and delicious options :) 

My lunch today was a "leftover special": fast and easy to throw together and resulted in a pile of antioxidant superstars!  It was too pretty, I had to take a photo, and here we are.  Sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, avocado, cantaloupe, cilantro & yes, even plain yogurt has antioxidants in it!  (Did you know that plain yogurt is actually more nutritious than milk, and is a good source of protein?)

Pulling a healthy lunch like this together can be easy, this is how I do it:  Whenever I cook anything, I cook many many as I can do without burning anything and as much as my kitchen space will allow.  So, if I'm heating up a pot of water for pasta, I mine as well caramelize some onions, roast some zucchini and asparagus, chop some carrots, and toss some chicken breasts into the slow cooker, it is just time efficient :)  Then later, whatever we don't eat that day goes into the Pyrex stacks in the fridge; lunch basically makes itself the next day!

Here is the breakdown of my lunch today, which I enjoyed cold, it felt like a picnic!

-Sweet potatoes: which had been roasted with olive oil, salt & Herb de Provence

-Brussels sprouts: which had been roasted with olive oil & salt

-Fresh Cantaloupe, chopped

-1/2 Avocado

-Homemade Herb dip made with plain yogurt, cilantro, minced onions, & salt

Yummy and pretty and healthy!  And hey, if you don't like to cook, or are really stretched on time, you can just grab some of those convenient ready to go sides at the market and fill your fridge to achieve the exact same result, enjoy!

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