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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rotisserie Chicken Stack

Rotisserie Chicken Stack: Green Beans, Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper & Provolone for an easy healthy Lunch!

Today's Tidbit:  Rotisserie Chicken is so versatile that it is a no brainer having one in your fridge at any time.  A healthy and filling meal is so easy and fast to put together, like my lunch pictured above.  Simply sauté some Haricot Verts (green beans) in a pan with some EVOO & Salt and then plate, topped with 1 cup of shredded Rotisserie Chicken Breast, 1 jarred  Roasted Red Pepper, 1 tbsp of your fav Vinaigrette Dressing and 1 slice of Low Fat Provolone cheese.  Grab a knife and fork and enjoy!

For some other ideas of what to do with a Roasted Chicken, check this out:

25 Things to do with Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Stack!

The Story of What Amy Ate Today:
*Last year I created the What Amy Ate Today blog to share my personal story of losing over 40 pounds by making simple healthy changes to the way I was eating.  I wanted to show the real life picture of what my daily food choices looked like by simply posting every single thing that I ate every single day; which I did for 9 straight months!   

It all started on May 1, 2012, check it out here:  
I wanted to show that it is possible to lose weight and be healthy without being on a diet and without starving or depriving yourself of anything.  I make healthy choices whenever I can, but I am a normal person living a real life and I want to enjoy it, so I indulge in special treats regularly too.   
It has been a great journey for me, further motivating me to seek out new foods, new recipes and new ways to prepare and eat more healthily and get more Vitamins and Nutrients (and Energy!)  into my day.   I look forward to continuing this journey by highlighting special recipes, new foods and/ or preparations that I discover or create, alongside any helpful Health information or news that I come across through the above "Today's Tidbit".  Thanks for joining me on my journey to better health and better living!


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