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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Farro with Walnuts for Breakfast

Trader Joe's 10 Minute Farro!

Today's Tidbit:   Farro!  What?  Yes, Farro.  One of the many trendy and exotic sounding ancient whole grains that I can never seem to find at the local grocery store  I had just about given up on finding it until I was wandering down the aisle at Trader Joe's last week and my eye caught view of this bag, pictured above.
Check it out here:  10 Minute Farro!

I can fall in love with almost anything that is healthy and cooks up in 10 minutes; I grabbed a bag!

My husband seemed a little skeptical when he saw me cooking it up and I explained that it was just like any other grain (Pasta, Couscous, Rice etc.) and could be eaten with Fish, Meat, Veggies, or tossed in Salads.  I was really excited to give it a try (no I had never even tasted it before!)

A mere 10+ minutes later it sat fully cooked and ready to go in my large Pyrex cooling and waiting to be put into the fridge, so it would be ready to be throw into all sorts of meals throughout the week.

Now Oatmeal & Shredded Wheat have long been my easy go-to breakfasts of choice; they are super filling and keep me going until lunch, but every now and then a girl needs something different!    Meanwhile I do so love my morning Walnuts, Milk and Cinnamon topping, so I just decided to swap out my Oatmeal for the Farro and simply prepare it the same way I always do.  Verdict:  YUM!  Super chewy and slightly nutty flavor were a fantastic complement to the Walnuts, Milk and Cinnamon.  I could have just as easily thrown in my Flaxseed to boot, I'll be trying that next!

Farro with Walnuts, Milk & Cinnamon for Breakfast

Farro with Walnuts, Milk & Cinnamon for Breakfast/ Close up

So how did I do it?  Simple!  I measured out 3/4 cup of the already cooked Farro in my fridge, which was plain minus a tiny bit of EVOO that I had mixed with it after cooking, while still warm, to keep it from sticking together.  I added 3/4 cup Fat Free Milk and heated in microwave for a minute and another minute (stirring in between).  Added 2 tbsp Plain Chopped Walnuts & a couple shakes of Pure Ground Cinnamon.  Delicious!

For more info on Farro and several recipe ideas, check this out:
More info on Farro & Recipes/ Huffington Post 

The Story of What Amy Ate Today:
Last year I created the What Amy Ate Today blog to share my personal story of losing over 40 pounds by making simple healthy changes to the way I was eating.  I wanted to show the real life picture of what my daily food choices looked like by simply posting every single thing that I ate every single day; which I did for 9 straight months!   

It all started on May 1, 2012, check out a sample post here:  

One Day Last June....

I wanted to show that it is possible to lose weight and be healthy without being on a diet and without starving or depriving yourself of anything.  I make healthy choices whenever I can, but I am a normal person living a real life and I want to enjoy it, so I indulge in special treats regularly too.   
It has been a great journey for me, further motivating me to seek out new foods, new recipes and new ways to prepare and eat more healthily and get more Vitamins and Nutrients (and Energy!)  into my day.   I look forward to continuing this journey by highlighting special recipes, new foods and/ or preparations that I discover or create, alongside any helpful Health information or news that I come across through the above "Today's Tidbit".  Thanks for joining me on my journey to better health and better living!

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