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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Madras Curry Veggie Stack

Madras Curry Veggie Stack for lunch!

So this is truly a pile of veggies.  4 servings worth!!!  It is also: Gluten Free*, Dairy Free, & Vegan/ Vegetarian!  Don't be afraid though - it was DELICIOUS!   Trust me.  It turns out that veggies are the easiest way to increase fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and reduce calories - win, win, win, win!  I think the issue most people have here is with flavor and satiety.  I have no  interest in eating food that isn't delicious and I have to feel full and satisfied when I'm done.  There are a few ways to achieve this, which I employed today for my super delicious and filling lunch:  Madras Curry Veggie Stack!

-vary textures
-vary flavors
-vary colors
-add herbs
-add good fats
-vary temperatures (something hot on the plate with something cooler or just room temperature)

Our brains really pick up on all these things while we are eating, even when we don't realize it.  If you are (even subconsciously) entertained by your meal, I am convinced you will be satisfied. 

I achieved this today by stacking things up, 4 layers of goodness, one layer at a time....

1/2 cup grated Carrots is the base

First layer:  1/2 cup of grated Carrots, fresh, and cold out of the fridge

2nd layer - 1 cup hot mixed Veggies!
Second layer:  1 cup of hot mixed Veggies; today I used Target's Market Pantry Frozen "Stir-Fry Blend": Broccoli, Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas, Red Peppers, and Water Chestnuts, plus some Frozen Green Beans and Sweet Peas.  (Incidentally, Peas are a great plant protein and help give you a sense of fullness!)  

I tossed them in my new favorite sauce: Maya Kaimal's "Madras Curry Indian Simmer Sauce". 

This sauce has some kick, which I love, but also a non-dairy creaminess to it as well, from Coconut Cream (good fats!); striking a perfect balance on the tongue!  I also pick that up at Target, in bulk when it goes on sale for $4 instead of the usual $5 a jar.

2nd layer is now complete

Third layer:  1/2 Avocado, chopped.  This provides a non dairy creaminess, good fats and a different texture to the dish, and obviously a huge YUM factor!

3rd layer:  1/2 Avocado, room temp, chopped

Fourth and final layer:  Chopped fresh Cilantro - adding freshness and a cool zing!

4th and final layer:  Freshly cut crisp Cilantro!

Don't worry if you don't like spicy things, or this sauce in particular....the idea here is to eat loads of good for you Veggies, meanwhile enjoying it and feeling full at the end of this healthy meal!  So find a sauce you like, keeping an eye on the ingredients, portion size, AND the calories, sodium, fats etc.  

Bottom line here is, if you can eat one meal full of veggies AND actually enjoy it - well you may do it again and again and find yourself many steps closer to better overall health and possibly a smaller waist line!  Enjoy all of it :)

PS.  This meal is also DAIRY FREE and VEGAN/ VEGETARIAN, in addition to GLUTEN FREE*!

*As always, if you follow a Gluten Free diet because of a serious medical condition, please be sure to double check the ingredient lists of all foods used in these recipes; using "Certified" GF products is safest, as Gluten likes to hide in all sorts of things!!

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