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Friday, February 26, 2016

Organic Popcorn Snack

Aldi's Simply Nature Lightly Salted Organic Popcorn

This is my new favorite snack!  Aldi's Simply Nature Lightly Salted Organic Popcorn: it's yummy - gluten free - low sodium - vegan - whole grain - organic and low calorie!  

I don't measure it, I have a couple bowls worth.  Isn't it great to mindlessly eat something, munching away and just enjoying it, knowing it's good for you and isn't packing on the lbs?  There is no shame or guilt involved = sweet foodie freedom!

AND.  And.  It is full of antioxidants!  More than some fruits & veggies.  I'm serious.  Read this.

And it really just tastes good.   I'm so scared they are going to stop selling it, or sell out, that every week I buy another 3-4 bags; I'm stockpiling.

OK, I've just enjoyed my first bowl while writing this, I'm off to go get another...Cheers to happy snacking!

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