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Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day French Toast

Valentines Day French Toast

Happy Valentine's Day!  I went all out this year for my kiddos - which of course included Heart Shaped French Toast!  Is this the type of breakfast that you would normally avoid or eat and then later feel guilty about?  Don't!  Treat yourself - enjoy life - and rest assured that with a couple easy tweaks you can pack some solid nutrition into this meal for your kids AND for you!

1.  Forget the half n half and sugar in your French toast mix - you don't need it - there is plenty of flavor here without it.  Just dip your bread into a few scrambled up eggs and the result is less fat and sugar for you and more protein per bite!

2.  Use 100% Maple Syrup, forgo the cheaper "Pancake Syrups", and get a huge antioxidant boost from this natural sweetener.  The Awesomeness of Maple Syrup

3.  Top with antioxidant packed Berries - a fav G-Bomb of mine. G Bombs are the bomb!

4.  Don't forget the Cinnamon!  Among many other benefits, it helps lower your risk of heart disease!

This French Toast was so simple that it is silly that I've never done it - just use a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart in your regular bread.  In our case Gluten Free bread was used, dipped solely into a few beaten eggs and cooked in a pan with just a little Butter/ Canola Oil mixture.  Brown it up on both sides, throw it on a plate, top with Cinnamon, a little Pure Maple Syrup and Berries and done = YUM!

Happy Valentines Day from our house to yours!

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