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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


oatmeal with walnuts                                   june 1
bagel thin with neufchatel                           june 3
berry smoothie                                              june 3
english muffin with pb & bananas               june 5

cheerios with berries & peanut butter        june 8
pbb:  peanut butter banana sandwich        june 19

spinach & eggs over easy salad                   june 4
spinach with pine nuts and goat cheese     june 2
curry chicken salad                                         june 9
salsa carrot salad with white fish                june 10 

chicken sausage & broccoli salad                june 14
curry cauliflower salad                                 june 14 
mexicali salad                                                  june 19
quinoa maple salad                                       june 20

dips/ sides/ snacks/ appetizers
roasted red pepper hummus                        june 1
roasted yukon gold potatoes                        june 2
cheddar & roasted red pepper crackers      june 2
sauteed broccoli rabe                                      june 6

fresh salsa                                                         june 7
cilantro almond pesto                                    june 8
homemade potato chips                               june 10
spinach bean dip                                             june 12 

sauteed mushrooms                                     june 19
sauteed onions & peppers                           june 19

beef & bean chili                                              june  4
scallion nachos                                                 june 3
spinach omelet with goat cheese                  june 2
spinach pecan pesto pasta veggie blast        june 2

whole wheat pizza with olives & onions      june 1
salmon satay veggie blast!                           june 5 
hummus & turkey bacon wrap                   june 6 
fresh salsa & bean burrito                            june 7 
cilantro almond pesto chicken veggie blast      june 8
hummus, fresh basil & red onion wrap             june 8 
whole wheat margherita pizza                           june 9 
baked eggplant parmesan                                    june 10

spinach bean dip veggie wrap                             june 12 
slow cooker beef with sour cherries                   june 13 
open faced tuna melt                                            june 19

vanilla banana walnut sundae                  june 1
"no ice cream" banana split                      june 10

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