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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wed. June 6th

Hummus & Avocado Bacon Wrap with Broccoli Rabe for Lunch!

Daily Tidbit:  Cantaloupe is loaded with Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, and is great for your eyes.  I typically eat mine plain, but here are some other ideas from Real Simple Magazine of ways to serve it:

Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich & Fruit
Whole Wheat English Muffin with 1 tbsp of Low Sodium, All Natural Peanut Butter &
½ Banana, sliced
1 cup of chopped Cantaloupe
Regular Coffee, black

This is how my wrap looked before I wrapped it up!  Finished product above.

Lunch: Wrap with Veggies
“Small” Flour Wrap stuffed with  Roasted Red Pepper Humus, Baby Spinach, 2 slices of Turkey Bacon, Red onion slices and ½ Avocado
Served with cold Broccoli Rabe (sautéed last night with EVOO, garlic, red pepper flake and salt for 20 minutes, covered)
Water with Lime
Regular Coffee, black

*I compared various sandwich/ bread options in the fridge and chose the wrap because it was 90 Calories with 16 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein, though it was higher in sodium (270 mg!) than the whole grain bread option which had more calories and carbs.

Snack: ¼ cup dry roasted, lightly salted Peanuts, Fat Free Milk

Snack: 1 Plain Hard Boiled Egg, Fat Free Milk

Garlic Naan

Dinner:  Girls night out:  Indian Take out!

Way too many potato chips and sour cream dip (an old fav!)  and some baby carrots too!

My friends and I shared four yummy Indian dishes:
-Vegetable Samosas - these are like large dumplings filled with Veggies and fried
-Molai Kofta - a Vegetarian Meatball dish in a creamy nut & herb sauce
-Baigan Bharta - a Vegetarian Eggplant dish with peas in a spicy tomato based sauce
-Chicken Makhani - Chicken cooked in a tomato based dish with cream and butter
-Garlic Naan – delicious Indian bread!  I could not say no to this!  Check out pic above!
-White Wine

*These dishes come with delicious and flavorful Basmati rice which I managed to avoid eating in an effort to keep my simple sugars and carbs to a minimum (particularly after eating all those potato chips and the garlic naan bread!)

For those not especially familiar with Indian cuisine, this website does a great job describing the dishes:

Dessert:  None.  Way too full after eating all this food!

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