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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spinach Bean Salad

Spinach Bean Salad +

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Walnuts
½ cup plain Oatmeal, cooked with Fat Free Milk, in microwave
2 tbsp of plain Walnuts
Plain Cinnamon (a couple shakes on top)
5 oz. glass of OJ
Cup of Coffee, black

Lunch: Spinach Bean Salad +
I took yesterday’s Spinach Bean Salad (Light Red Kidney Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, Red Onion, Carrots, Orange pieces, Cucumber and fresh cut Cilantro, tossed with Trader Joe’s Balsamic Vinaigrette) and added 2 tbsp of Sunflower Seeds & ½ Avocado.
Glass of Water
Cup of Coffee, black

Snack:   1 cup Sautéed Escarole with White Beans, Glass of Water

Snack:  ¼ cup lightly salted Peanuts, Glass of Fat Free Milk

Slow Cooker Korean Beef Veggie Blast!

Dinner:  Slow Cooker Korean Beef Veggie Blast!
I came across this recipe the other night in Family Circle Magazine and got inspired.  I love eastern food, but I often don’t have the exotic ingredients the recipes call for in my kitchen.  For this one I had almost all the ingredients, so I just went for it!

I used Beef cubes instead of short ribs, but followed the recipe pretty closely and cooked it for 9 hours in the slow cooker on low.  I used dried Ginger instead of fresh (not because I didn’t have it, but because I didn’t have the energy at 8am for peeling and chopping fresh ginger!)  And I substituted apple cider vinegar, in place of rice vinegar.

Separately I sautéed veggies in a hot pan with 1 tbsp EVOO:  1 large Spanish Onion, ½ Yellow Bell Pepper, 20 baby Carrots, halved, and 1 cup of Frozen Peas; covered until soft and then removed lid for browning.  I cooked enough veggies to keep me feeling satisfied so I could forego the rice.

As per the recipe I cooked the sauce separately as well and when everything was done (Beef, Veggies & Sauce) I threw everything together and topped it with fresh cut Cilantro & toasted Sesame Seeds.

It was delicious!  My husband and I both loved it; very likely this will become a ‘standard’ in our home.  It was better than take out!  I enjoyed it with a Glass of White Wine, but it could easily be enjoyed with Red Wine.

VEGETARIAN ALERT!  This yummy dish could totally be prepared without meat, using all sorts of veggies and some soy based protein.  Tons of flavor, as good as any Asian restaurant, only without the MSG!

*Note:  If you don’t already know, Slow Cookers are magical.  Throw a few ingredients in the pot in the morning, put it on low heat and move along with your day.  When dinner time rolls around there is something delicious and ready to eat.  Perfect for people like me, read: exhausted by 7pm!  And by the way, you can buy them for as little as $30!

Dessert:  1 Gala Apple, Glass of Water (Time to “recover” from the holiday weekend!)

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