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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sun. Oct 21st

Egg Bacon & Cheese Griddle Sandwich

Daily Tidbit:  It is not easy to eat healthy on a road trip!  We were in the car most of the day and hit Drive Thrus to minimize stopping times as we headed for home.  Though I was Calorie conscious (luckily many of these restaurants now list Calories on their Drive Thru Menus!) and tried to minimize Saturated Fats and avoid my ultimate weakness (french fries!), we managed to get loaded up with Sodium with every bite.  High levels of Sodium are just flat out bad for our health and it is easy for it to add up over the course of the day, especially when you aren't cooking your meals at home.  For some ideas on  how to reduce your Sodium intake and see how much you can safely consume in one day, check this out:



Egg Bacon & Cheese Griddle Sandwich

Breakfast on the road:  

Egg, Cheese & Bacon Griddle Sandwich
Regular Coffee, black 


Mushroom Swiss Roast Beef Sandwich

Lunch on the road:  
Mushroom & Swiss Roast Beef Sandwich & large Diet Pepsi

This sandwich came with a super heavy creamy sauce on both sides of the bread!  I used my paper napkin to wipe off as much as possible; it was totally not necessary with the 2 slices of cheese & meat!  I chose this in an attempt to get some, any Veggies into my day, which is not easy when you are eating and driving at the same time!


Peanut M&Ms

Snacks on the road:
20 Peanut M&Ms & Regular Coffee, black
1/4 cup dry roasted, lightly Salted Peanuts


Plain Thin Crust Pizza for Dinner

Dinner:  Pizza
2 slices of Plain Pizza
Water with Lemon

After a long weekend this was just too easy to reheat and enjoy; need to start loading up on Veggies again tomorrow!

Dessert:  None needed!

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