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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mon. Sept 10th

Daily Tidbit:  Calories from Sugar add up fast!  If you are looking to cut some out of your day (that is one change that helped me drop pounds!) check out this article for ideas on how to cut a whole cup out of your day AND the 728 Calories that go along with it!


Vanilla Almond Cereal & Walnuts

Breakfast: Cereal & Fruit
1 cup Newman's Own Vanilla Almond Cereal
1 cup Fat Free Milk
2 tbsp Walnuts
5 oz. OJ
Regular Coffee, Black


Burrito: Beans & Cheese, microwave 30 seconds to heat
Burrito:  Add tomatoes & Avocado
Bean Burrito with Avocado, Cheddar & Tomatoes!

Lunch:  Bean Burrito
White Flour Tortilla
Vegetarian Refried Pinto Beans
2 tbsp Cheddar Cheese
fresh diced Tomatoes
1/2 Avocado
Water with Lemon
Regular Coffee, black

Interestingly the White Four Tortilla I had today was 100 Calories and the Whole Wheat Tortillas I typically eat are 130 Calories.  The Whole Wheat version has twice the Fiber of course, and 2 more grams of Protein, but here is another interesting tidbit:  the White Flour version has HALF the sodium!  Only 160mg compared to the 300mg in the Whole Wheat Tortilla.  And there are also 7g less Carbs in the White Flour and less Sugar to boot.  We know that Whole Grain is typically the 'healthier' way to go, but I guess it really depends on your priorities....wanting to lower Sodium, Sugar/ Simple Carbs or cut Calories would all point to the White Flour Tortilla in this case!


Snack: 4 cups Plain Popcorn & Water with Lime
*1/4 cup plain popcorn kernels popped in brown paper bag in microwave for 3 minutes = 6 cups total.


Snack: 1/2 Large Peach


Dinner: Authentic Indian Dinner at a Friend's house

-Vegetable Samosas: large dumplings filled with Veggies and fried, served with spicy Chutney
1/2 cup Chole:  a Chick Pea Curry (pictured above)

Mattar Paneer
Baingan Bhartha: a Vegetarian Roasted Eggplant & Veggie Dish
1/2 cup Basmati Rice
Mattar Paneer: a homemade Cheese cooked with Peas and spices (pictured above)
Roti:  a wholemeal flour flat bread
Red Wine


Reese's Peanut Butter Pie!

Dessert: 1 slice of Reeces Peanut Butter Pie!


RECIPES: None today!


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