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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wed. Sept 12th

Spinach Hummus & Carrot Romaine "Sandwiches"

Daily Tidbit: I got my inspiration for these Romaine "Sandwiches" (pictured above) when I saw a pic of a Pea, Spinach & Bacon Lettuce Cup in a magazine last week.  Surprisingly refreshing, tasty and filling!  The trick is finding just the right size lettuce that is sturdy enough to hold your fillings, in this case, some seriously thick homemade Spinach Hummus.  Coupled with an Over Easy Egg, it was a perfect lunch!

Check out some other bread alternatives for sandwiches here:


Plain Oatmeal with Cinnamon & Walnuts

Breakfast: Plain Oatmeal with Walnuts

1/2 cup Plain Oatmeal, microwaved in 1 cup Fat Free Milk
2-3 shakes of Plain Cinnamon
2 tbsp of chopped Walnuts
5 oz OJ
Regular Coffee, black


Spinach Hummus & Carrot Romaine "Sandwiches" with 1 Egg, Over Easy

Lunch: Spinach Hummus Romaine 'Sandwiches' with an Egg, Over Easy
1 cup Spinach Hummus (recipe below)
4 long sturdy Romaine lettuce leaves
4-5 baby Carrots, sliced longways
1 Egg, cooked Over Easy
Water with Lemon

Vanity Note:  This is definitely a meal you want to check your teeth after eating; lots of dark green roughage to get stuck in teeth!



.825 oz Dark chocolate, Trader Joe’s 72% Cacao (1 bar is 1.65oz; I ate half)
Regular Coffee, black


Broccoli Salad

1 cup Broccoli Salad
Fat Free Milk

I ate 2 servings of 1/2 cup each, it was so good!  So I ate twice what you see in the pic above.  It was store bought and contained Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Red Onions, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, & Dried Cranberries tossed in a Mayo based dressing.


Mushrooms, Onions & Zucchini in Cast Iron Pan
Mushrooms, Onion, & Zucchini in Cast Iron Pan, 5 minutes later
Veggies cooking on side, while Filet Mignon is added to Pan
Filet Mignon flipped after 2 minute sear, with Veggies cooking on the side
My delicious dinner:  Sauteed Filet Mignon & Sauteed Veggies!

Dinner: Sauteed Filet Mignon & Veggies
Mushrooms, Red Onions, 1 clove of Garlic, & Zucchini diced and cooked in Cast Iron Pan with 1 tbsp EVOO
1 Mini Filet Mignon (cut in half for faster cooking)
Topped with Steak Sauce (recipe below)
1/2 Avocado (not pictured, almost forgot it!)
White Wine

This whole dinner took less than 20 minutes and all the ingredients were fresh from the fridge.  Mouthwatering!


Dessert: Gala Apple, Water



Spinach Hummus Recipe:

Into food processor put:

1 clove Garlic
(process until Garlic is in tiny bits, then add the other ingredients) 

1 can Chick Peas (rinsed & drained)
Juice from 1/2 Lemon

1 tbsp Tahini

1 tsp Kosher Salt

1 tbsp EVOO

1 cup of thawed frozen Spinach

Process to desired texture and serve!  

Steak Sauce Recipe:
After removing Steak and Veggies from Cast Iron Pan, turn off heat and add 1/2 tbsp of Butter and 2 tbsp of Low Sodium Chicken Broth.  Scrape up all brown bits off Cast Iron Pan and mix melted butter with broth and pour over Steak on plate!


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