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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sat. Aug 11th

Breakfast & Fruit Bowl

Daily Tidbit:  I spotted the first arrival of "Local" Apples at the Farmer's Market this week...meaning there was a bin of Apples that had no stickers on them from crossing state lines.  They also happened to be much cheaper than the Apples with stickers on them.  Variety:  Sunrise.  At 79 cents a pound, I went for them over the Galas which were $1.39 a pound.  It was juicy and sweet and not a far departure flavor and texture wise from the Gala surprisingly.  They are the product of a McIntosh and Golden Delicious mix.  After doing more reading it seems that Sunrise are among the best "early season" varieties that can be enjoyed as early as August!  To read more about Sunrise Apples or any other Apple you maybe interested in, check this out:


Joe's O's with Walnuts & Blueberries

Breakfast: Joe's O's Toasted Oat Cereal with Walnuts & Blueberries
1 cup of Joe's O's Toasted Oat Cereal
1 cup of Fat Free Milk
1 cup of Fresh Blueberries
2 tbsp Walnuts
5 oz. Orange Juice
Regular Coffee, black

I was sad to see the Blueberries at our Farmer's Market were from Canada this week, meaning our Local season of Blueberries is essentially over until next July, a sad reminder that summer will be over soon!




Malai Kofta

Lunch: Indian Buffet
I had two plates of food which featured tastings of the following items:

1 Vegetable Samosa: Crispy fried turnovers deliciously filled with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas
1 Roti:  Round shaped whole wheat bread baked in the Tandoor
Tandoori Chicken:  Marinated chicken in fresh spices and lemon then barbecued over flaming charcoal in the Tandoor 
2 Malai Kofta: Homemade vegetable balls cooked in a mildly-spiced creamy sauce with coconut and nuts
Vegetable Biryani:  Indian basmati rice cooked and fried with fresh vegetables, cashew nuts and golden raisins
Chicken Chilli:  Chunks of chicken sauteed in onions & hot Indian peppers

3 Chai Tea, with 1 tsp of sugar each (a yummy special treat!)

Snack: 20 Baby Carrots


Zucchini Gratin & Salad

Camembert & Bread

Dinner: Zucchini Gratin & Salad
1 Serving of Zucchini Gratin, as pictured (this dish was made by steaming Zucchini and then mixing it with a sauce made with Oil, Garlic, White Onion, Curry, Salt/ Pepper, Ricotta Cheese, 1 tbsp of Flour & 1 beaten Egg and then topped with Bread Crumbs and baked)
Green Salad with Tomatoes, Orange slices, Avocado, toasted Almonds tossed with Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinaigrette
2 one inch bites of Camembert with a two inch piece of bread to accompany (trying to enjoy everything by keeping portions small!)
White Wine


Homemade Samsa

Dessert: Samsa Cookie & Sun Rise Apple

Samsa is another Algerian Pastry Cookie, made with a puree of Almonds and sugar, wrapped in pastry, fried in a pan on the stove and then tossed with Honey.  Decadent & delicious!

Of course I had to eat an Apple to avoid eating more cookies, this strategy has worked well for me this week.  Tomorrow I go for the Apple first!  


RECIPES:  None today!  I was spoiled with other people's cooking :)


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